2. Where is the right buyer for my business?

Buyers within the ‘buying zone’ for your business will usually come from ‘existing buyers’ on our database, or from ‘new buyers’ who are scanning websites for advertised businesses for sale. 

Both groups make up a current pool of buyers who are ready to act at the right time, when a business of interest presents itself. These buyers will often buy within 30 - 60 days.

The right buyer will enquire on a business of interest that is around the right price they can afford. After investigation, a buyer will only act if they perceive a business holds the right value for them to invest in, even if they have to borrow.

We help drive the buying process along by introducing new and existing buyers to new business opportunities as they arise, and also by pushing for site inspections of businesses so we can help reinforce value. We even seek out potential businesses for buyers in some cases. Either way, a buyer will not act until they see value in the business on offer at a particular ask price. 

This is why it is important that we have a good understanding of your business, your expectations, and your timeframes, so we can help structure the best approach for you.

After all, time is money, and correct market positioning is essential.