4. Why should I use Verified Businesses?

Verified Businesses can advise you on the true market value of your business, and explain how we come up with that value.

Our Brokers are trained negotiators who are focused on achieving the best result. Verified Businesses has a database with over 5,000 potential buyers and sellers for businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

Verified Businesses has the knowledge and experience to anticipate problems before listing a business, and before placing a sales contract on a business. This can save you thousands!

Our brokers know all of the right people which really helps you obtain the results you need. (This includes solicitors, accountants, financiers and marketing people). Our Brokers constantly expand their skills in negotiation, marketing, communication, and in the business of being a business broker.

At Verified Businesses, we love what we do, we enjoy helping people, and really understand how much work and sacrifice has gone into establishing your business. The Verified Businesses Team is determined and success driven.

We have the best search results on Google for ‘businesses for sale’ on the Sunshine Coast. 

Verified Businesses has more listings and sells more businesses than any other brokerage on the Sunshine Coast, and has proven marketing campaigns that can save you money.

Verified Businesses has a constant stream of buyers knocking on the door, and most buyers looking to buy a business come to us at some stage of their search. So, by listing with us, you won’t miss that buyer.

Verified Businesses is in a high profile, easy-to-find location with plenty of parking. We have prominent offices in Maroochydore at Holbrook House, 48-50 Sugar Road, right at the Sugar Road/Maud Street roundabout - one of the busiest roads on the Sunshine Coast.