3. Avoid the pitfalls when selling!

A Verified Business Broker can help you:

  • Be well prepared and know what buyers are looking for.

  • Save thousands of dollars on advertising.

  • Understand what the real selling ranges are for your business.

  • Build value in your business through being on the market for the shortest possible period.

  • Attract more buyers to your business through correct market positioning.

  • Sell your business for the best price possible by communicating its special value.

  • Have peace of mind with a team of professional negotiators who are on your side when it counts.


All communication and advertising, positions your business correctly in the market, puts your business and its benefits at the forefront, and not the brokerage.

List with some brokers and you’re only listing with the individual. List with Verified Businesses and you list with our whole team.

Some brokers or agents will tell you anything to get your listing, over value etc. When you list with us, you get straight talkers, who walk the talk, who are honest and only use a professional approach and open communication.

We explain your target market, our marketing plan and why this works.

Verified Businesses gives ‘buyers and sellers’ and their advisors, the benefit of understanding why your asking price is set where it is, through transparent calculations.

More people sell with us on the coast, which means we have more buyers for your business. 

We dig deep during our business assessments, to uncover any special value benefits your business may have, so we can leverage everything we can when it comes to selling your business!