8. Why Verified Businesses can work for you

Why Verified Businesses is known for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a smooth and financially rewarding business sale:

We understand your investment and hard work which drives us to deliver results.
Building a business is about passion, determination and personal sacrifice. Our clients are safe in the knowledge that we understand this, and how it is a driver for us to deliver the best results for them. 

We are highly trained professionals with the runs on the board.
Our award winning team of skilled and dynamic professionals are highly trained and possess an extensive knowledge of the business broking industry across a wide range of sectors.

Satisfied customers help drive our brokerage.
A major proportion of new listings stem from referrals from satisfied customers or repeat business, which speaks volumes.

We walk the talk and get the job done.
Our Brokers demonstrate an unmatched combination of local market experience coupled with deep commercial knowledge reinforced by previously owning their own businesses.

Our personal service is concernment to exclusive listing status.
Each of our vendors’ businesses are exclusively listed and handled by a dedicated member of our team ensuring a personalised service that is second to none.

We specialise in selling all types of businesses, big and small.
Each year we administer and successfully complete the sale of dozens of businesses, from million dollar tourism companies to simple one-man operations.