12. The essentials to selling your business

Why Verified Businesses is known for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a smooth and financially rewarding business sale:

  1. We start by conducting our first consultation and business assessment with you, normally at your premises. We confidentially discuss all aspects of your business, the timing of your sale and any other special value details or uniqueness which your business may have. We then explore your sales expectations and formulate an agreed suggested list price. This takes only one hour of your time. 
  2. We explain the sales process of selling your business, Preparation – Marketing – Presentation – Negotiation - Preservation
  3. We prepare the Authority to Sell agreement or form 6 for signing.
  4. We then ensure all of your documentation is complete and current, and will meet buyer requirements and those of their advisors, such as all financials fully prepared and complete.
  5. We prepare a thorough and detailed IM (Information Memorandum) on your business. This is a true summary of the business’s earnings, activities and markets. 
  6. We recommend a marketing/advertising plan and write copy to successfully promote the sale of the business. 
  7. We place the agreed advertising and release the new listing to the market.
  8. We analyse the initial enquiry and buyer response, qualify and screen all prospects. To ensure confidentiality every potential buyer signs a binding Confidentiality Agreement.
  9. We then fully brief you on the qualified, potential buyers. 
  10. We arrange fully accompanied inspections, supply feedback analysis to you and then follow-up buyer/s. 
  11. We arrange second and subsequent meetings between yourself and the buyer/s.
  12. We consult with all of the outside advisors - accountants, solicitors, franchisors etc. between both you and the buyer/s.
  13. We prepare the Offer to Purchase (Business Sale Contract) and present it to you.
  14. We meet with you and the buyer/s and coordinate the due diligence process. 
  15. We follow up with any further negotiation meetings between yourself and the buyer/s. 
  16. We consult with and advise you and the buyer/s regarding the correct and easy transfers of all leases, licences, utilities etc.
  17. We assist, wherever required, in the final settlement and subsequent transfer of the business.